Gilmer Industries, Inc.

Serving the Eastern U.S., Gilmer Industries manufactures cleaning compounds, sanitizers, and other sanitation products for the food processing industry and specialty chemicals for transportation, light industry, and institutions. We distribute sanitation systems, paper products, and industrial chemicals. We combine quality products with technical assistance and service to offer the customer everything from bulk chemical deliveries to the installation and management of turnkey sanitation systems.

Gilmer Industries has built a solid reputation as a team of service-oriented, effective, problem solvers who respond to customer needs. We help our customers to comply with government industrial regulations by identifying and correcting potential problems. We have a large repertoire of product formulas that are designed and tested in-house for specific applications and proven by customer application, but-more importantly-that we can adapt to different customers and situations.

Gilmer Industries serves Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, New York state, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia:

All phases "from farm to table" including shell egg and breeder egg farm, hatchery, grow-out, eviscerating plant, further processing-cooked and uncooked, rendering, waste water treatment, and transportation vehicles.

All phases "from farm to table" including dairy farms; milk processing-HTST milk, UHT milk, cream, and ice cream; waste water treatment; and transportation vehicles.

Red Meat
All phases "from farm to table" for beef, pork, and lamb including grow-out, slaughter, further processing, and ready-to-eat specialty products.

Bottling and Canning
Processors of juice, fruit, infant formula, bottled water, and sport drinks; breweries; and wineries.

Industrial and Institutional
Health care, hospitality, and manufacturing plants.

Snacks and Confectioneries
Makers of candy, baked goods, potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn.

Truck and auto re-conditioning (direct and distributed sales).