Starting from scratch at our Ellsworth, IA plant was both a headache and a blessing. It allowed us to envision how we could fill the gaping hole of supportive care and vitamin products that the animal health industry was missing. It allowed us to consider all orders, big and small. It also allowed us to open up the range of products and industries that we could supply and support.

Liquid Blending

Our production facility in Willmar, MN produces our liquid supplement product line.

Dry Blending

Our plant in Ellsworth, IA produces our dry product line, with many options for custom orders. Our manufactured goods can range from feed grade products to water soluble packets.

Custom Mixes

  • Batch Size

    • New products take time to adopt. In that regard, the goal of our production facilities is to have the capacity to fill all orders, big and small.

    • Our Ellsworth, IA plant can blend batches from 200 lbs to 4,400 lbs.

    • Package sizes can range from 20 grams to 2 lbs.

    • Bulk fill can range from 10 lb pails, 50 lb bags to 2,200 lb totes.

  • Easy Cleanout

    • The structure of our production facilities also accommodates a wide variety of products.

    • Our bin transfer system and stainless steel equipment makes cleanout a breeze, allowing for a quick turnaround for the product next in line.

Private Labeling

  • In addition to our own supportive care and vitamin product line, BVS offers private labeling for our customers.

  • Not a graphic designer? No problem!

    • We can work with you to design a label, specific for you and your customers. The best part of all, our design work is FREE OF CHARGE!

    • For small batches, we have the capacity to print labels directly on the packaging as it runs through our machine. This cuts the cost of your product as no pre-print is needed.

Contact our production team to begin the conversation for your custom manufactured product.