BVS has the industry knowledge and experience to recognize when there is a need. Our sales and service team has been a strong force that has built BVS to be a leader in the poultry industry. With our production capabilities, we have the flexibility to formulate, develop and produce products that support our sales and service team as well as our customers. BVS has two production facilities. One in Willmar, MN, the other is connected to our corporate office in Ellsworth, IA.

Willmar, MN Plant

This is where it all began. Since BVS became Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc. in 2002, we have been able to provide quality liquid animal health products at our plant in Willmar, MN. We acquired the patented Manage®, which is a supplemental nutrition and water acidifier that is widely used in the poultry industry today. Along with this product, BVS has release many other products to expand our liquid product offerings and fill the needs of the industry. Such products include:

  • Manage® Organic
  • Omegamune Plus
  • Acid Sol
  • pH Safe
  • Liquid vitamin products (D3, E and AD3&E)

Ellsworth, IA Plant

As the industry has grown and many manufactures have undergone mergers or acquisitions with even larger corporations, many dry, water soluble vitamin and supportive care products were being dropped from the market. This led BVS to scramble to find the products our customers needed for the production of their animals, at a reasonable cost. BVS understands that, like many other industries, when a customer needs a product they need it yesterday. With supply shortages and at risk of unhappy customers, BVS made the decision to fill the hole in the market place and produce those products in house.

In addition to developing the BVS brands, we have expanded our offerings to provide custom manufacturing for other partners in the poultry and related animal health industries. More and more products will be conceived and offered to fill other holes in the market, as they arise. We have the flexibility and capacity to produce product and fill all orders, both big and small. 

Contact our custom manufacturing team directly or read more about what we can offer at our Ellsworth plant.