The animal health industry is evolving to meet the demands of consumers, manufacturers and producers, and changing the way that animals are grown. The movement of organic, ABF and NAE is something that cannot be ignored. New products are continuously being released to address the typical challenges that are not as easily overcome in organic production. BVS distributes many of these new products and works with our customers to find solutions that work for them.

Organic Approval

Many of the products produced at BVS have been approved by organic certifiers across the country, with several of our products produced specifically for use in organic production. Our sales force continuously works with our production team to help our organic customers get products approved to use. We assist our customers through the organic approval process by gathering required information to be used by their certifier.


Ingredients used to produce BVS products can be traced to origin. For the citric acid that is used in BVS Citric Acid packs and other products, corn is used as the fermenting carobohydrate and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing is done to ensure no corn DNA is residual in the finished product. Because of this testing, there is no genetically modified corn in the citric acid and other products where citric acid may be used as the carrier.


If you would like to approve a BVS product for organic use through your certifier, contact your sales representative to begin the processes.

See our list of products (distributed and produced) that have been OMRI approved or approved for organic by other certifiers.