The importance of quality in BVS's daily operations has a significant impact on the livestock and poultry industries today. Our quality guarantee leaves our customers with the satisfaction of knowing they are treating their animals with the best products on the market. With the knowledge that BVS provides our customers on the proper use of our products and making educated decisions when challenges arise, we are enabling them to raise their animals efficiently and effectively. We have taken extra steps in our program and review our processes regularly to ensure safe, quality animal food products and services that feed the world.

What's the point of a quality program?

One reason may be obvious, and that reason is regulatory compliance. With the ever evolving industry, there have been regulations put in place at the federal level to ensure all entities in the animal health business are putting quality measures in place to protect our nations food supply. These regulations have changed how many businesses operate. It has been a challenge for some, but many are seeing the fruits of their labor in building a quality program over the years.

Another reason to put a quality program in place is for process improvement. Anyone can derive a quality program that meets the requirements of FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act). It's quite another thing to build a quality program that works for you. Our QA measures present us with the opportunity to continuously review and improve all aspects of our business. 

BVS Quality Assurance

When BVS made the leap to the world of manufacturing in 2016, it pushed many changes in the way we operate. We have continued to push and expand our quality program over the years to the point where it is today. Our quality program has enhanced our core strengths, asserted our beliefs and improved our processes to better serve our customers.

As our quality program continues to mature, we are actively involved in asking ourselves the question "how can we be better?" To us, there is nothing more important. That question is the source of many breakthroughs we have made with our customers, and the animal health industry as a whole. That question challenges our employees everyday, making themselves, and the world, just a little bit better.

Core Beliefs

  1. The savings realized from the wise investments of time, energy and resources in QA functions will more than offset the expenses of these activities, and will yield a net gain. Quality does not cost, it pays.

  2. Three primary components are required to assure that quality, safe products and services are provided to customers:

    1. A consistent supply of quality ingredients

    2. Stable and capable processes

    3. Trained and motivated employees

Ingredient Sourcing

Our QA program ensures that we are purchasing our ingredients from the worlds top suppliers. This allows us to know that the ingredients we are putting into our products are safe. This also allows our customers and partners to know that the products made at BVS are safe to sell to their customers or treat their animals. That is the importance of having quality measures throughout the supply chain. We know that when we make a quality guarantee, we can stand behind it 100%.

Process Conception and Improvement

Our QA program has been in place since before we made the first pack. Our leadership team built this program, quite literally, from the ground up. Before we broke ground at our plant in Ellsworth, IA, a process evaluation was conducted in order to build a state of the art production facility that not only conformed to FSMA and SFSF, but enhanced it. Every wall, corner and piece of equipment in our new plant was thought out. It was built for flexibility and to be a safe, clean working environment. 

Now that our production is in full swing and our business is expanding, we have found room to improve the processes that we have put in place. A good QA program is never "done", it is continuously evolving with the needs of our business, our customers and the industry.

Trained and Motivated Employees

All employees understand, share and work towards our quality objectives each and every day. Routine high marks for quality will reflect the best in our outstanding employees and serve to endorse the valuable products that they produce. We have worked tirelessly at creating a working environment for our employees that promotes individual ideas and growth. It takes a team to provide the products and services that BVS provides. 

Our employees have a relationship with our customers, partners and suppliers. We continue to promote our beliefs throughout all channels of operation. The better the employee, the better the team, the better the relationships, the better the end results for our customers.

What's next for BVS?

It is our mission to continue to establish and promote food safety guidelines designed to ensure continuous improvement in the delivery of safe and wholesome feed supply for the growth and care of animals. It is our intention to become the absolute best that we can be, both now and well into the future. 

Our customers are sold on the idea Best Veterinary Solution's products are the best, and it is essential that we work to reinforce that belief in our products and in the people who make them. Superior service for our customers and guaranteed quality in our products will help us stand out from our competition. It is our aim to provide constant and unsurpassed quality in everything that we do, and in everything that we sell. 

If we offer no significant advantage in quality, the benefits and promise of our goods becomes hollow. We are then reduced to just another indistinguishable business with no competitive edge. Therefore, our targeted goal is to continuously uphold and enhance exemplary standards for quality assurance so that they become a benchmark for the rest of the animal health industry. The mutually beneficial relationship that we have with our customers, will enable us to compete and succeed as an animal health leader long into the future.