In any industry, relationships are everything. In the world of production and custom manufacturing, we've taken those relationships to a whole new level. Strong working relationships in manufacturing lead to quality products, at a reasonable cost and with a short lead time. That is what BVS manufacturing is all about. The working relationships with our suppliers directly affect the working relationship with our customer, especially when it comes to custom manufacturing.

Supplier Relations

Our manufacturing leaders have been in the industry for half a century, combined. With that experience and industry knowledge comes many valuable supplier relationships. We source our ingredients from the worlds top suppliers, strengthening each relationship as our business together, grows. As a measure of our QA, no ingredients are sourced from suppliers that cannot meet our standards. These standards include product specifications, regulatory compliance and quality assurance measures tracing to point of origin.

Have a look at our Approved Supplier list to see where we source some of our high-quality ingredients.

Customer Relations

When a customer comes to us with a custom product request, we begin work on it immediately. The firm relationship's BVS has with it's ingredient suppliers helps us to source the raw components specific to the custom product. With that, we provide pricing and packaging options for the custom product as we work together to produce your product.


We recognize that your product idea is proprietary information. BVS does not disclose custom formulations, that information belongs to you. We will work with you to formulate, produce and package your product within the scope of all regulations.