Barn Fresh

Barn Fresh Plus provides all of the benefits of our original Barn Fresh with the added protection of an Anti-microbial agent and a moisture activated scenting agent. Barn Fresh Plus is treated to control the growth of bacterial odors and has been shown to eliminate up to 99% of the E. Coli, Salmonella and Clostridium bacteria. Barn Fresh Plus also contains our new Fresh Sense Technology, a moisture-activated scenting agent that releases a clean, fresh scent when it comes in contact with moisture.

Benefits Include:

1. Neutralizes Ammonia

Reducing ammonia levels reduces stress and disease; Reducing ammonia levels increases weight gains and productivity.

2. Lowers Moisture in Bedding and Manure

Drier litter/manure gases off less ammonia; Less moisture in barns, pens and enclosures is healthier for birds/animals; Less moisture in manure means it is lighter and easier to clean out, saving you time.

3. Cuts Housekeeping Costs

Drier manure and enclosures saves you time and money on bedding and clean-out costs; Reductions in ammonia emissions lower heating and ventilation costs.
























































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