Cal Stat Plus Antiseptic Handrub

Cal Stat Plus Antiseptic Handrub with enhanced emollients is a 63% v/v isopropyl alcohol-based handrub. It is designed to effectively decontaminate visibly clean hands. In a time kill study, this product demonstrated complete kill of a broad spectrum of transient microorganisms in 15 seconds. Cal Stat Plus Antiseptic Handrub is formulated with enhanced emollients that add moisture to the skin after every use. This dermatologist-tested, dye-free product can be used in all healthcare settings.

  • Healthcare Personnel Handwash
  • Dye Free Alcohol Handrub
  • Patented formulation improves antimicrobial efficacy
  • CHG Compatibility Hypoallergenic

Complies with Hand Hygiene Guidelines
The latest CDC guidelines recommend the use of alcohol handrubs for routine antisepsis. Using an alcohol handrub takes one fourth of the time of standard hand washing practices. Cal Stat Plus handrub has excellent activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The efficacy and ease of use of Cal Stat Plus handrub offers hand antisepsis for workers challenged by time, space, and skin irritation issues.

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