Dosage and Administration:
Blending and Feeding FLYZINE™ 1% Premix:
Housefly, soldier fly, lesser housefly: Mix 1 lb. of FLYZINE
1% Premix per ton of feed. Feed the treated feed
as a daily ration. Begin feeding when adult flies
become active and continue the treatment as prescribed
through the fly season.

FLYZINE 1% Premix will provide a high degree of fly
control and will give the best results when integrated
with a well-managed fly control program which includes
minimization of fly breeding sites, a determination of the
degree of fly control desired, a monitoring of adult fly
populations in and around the operation; and frequent
examinations of manure for maggot activity.

When and How to Use FLYZINE 1% Premix:

First, monitor adult flies in and near the poultry house. When
the population reaches a level to cause concern, use a
registered adulticide spray or fog to reduce the breeding
potential. Then, examine manure in the pits for
maggot activity. If maggots are active, start FLYZINE
1% Premix in the ration.

Feed FLYZINE 1% Premix continuously as directed for
four (4) to six (6) weeks. Usually, this is enough time for
FLYZINE 1% Premix to thoroughly cover the droppings
and break the fly population cycle in the poultry house.
After a minimum of four (4) to six (6) weeks of FLYZINE 1%
Premix feeding, carefully examine the manure pits. If little or
no activity is observed in the manure, discontinue the use of
FLYZINE 1% Premix and continue the sanitary and management
program. Continue monitoring the manure pits. If
maggots become active again, repeat the procedure.
Use bait, sprays, or fogs as needed during and
between FLYZINE 1% Premix feeding periods to control
any adult flies.

During the winter months or during periods of low fly
pressure, discontinue FLYZINE 1% Premix use for at
least four (4) consecutive months per year.
Consult with local extension service poultry entomologists
or the state agricultural experiment station for
additional localized fly control suggestions.

Note: Do not feed FLYZINE 1% Premix treated feed to
broiler poultry. FLYZINE 1% Premix use in poultry is
limited to use as a feed-through in chicken layer and
breeder operations only

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