Gunslinger Mini Blocks

Gunslinger is a single feed, non-anticoagulant rodenticide. It contains the active ingredient, Bromethalin, a neurotoxin; Gunslinger breaks the anticoagulant cycle and the potential for anticoagulant resistance among rodent populations. It is an excellent rodenticide to rotate into a baiting program, particularly at times when animals are not present and animal feed can be withdrawn as a competing food source.

  • An excellent rodenticide for managing the potential for anticoagulant resistanc
  • Rapid control, death typically occurs in 48 hour

  • Stop feeding action reduces bait use and saves money

Gunslinger mini blocks are a highly effective rodenticide for control of mice and rats. Formulated with bromethalin, an acute toxicant, rodent death generally occurs in one or two days, often within 48 hours. Maximum control is achieved when competing feed and/or food source are inaccessible to rodents. Gunslinger mini blocks can cause rodents to stop feeding after consuming a lethal dose, saving money and bait. Keys to rodenticide performance:

  • Place Gunslinger Mini Blocks on vertical or horizontal rods in Aegis bait stations or other bait stations.
  • Place Gunslinger Mini Blocks between the rodents nest and/or food and water supply.

  • Maintain a consistent supply of Gunslinger mini blocks until rodent feeding stops.



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