Rampage Pelleted Bait

Rampage Pelleted Bait is specifically formulated for Livestock producers, especially on Swine and Poultry facilities where rodent populations are high and Biosecurity is critical.  Rampage Pelleted Bait is excellent for knockdown of severe infestations because it's made with Bromethalin, an acute active ingredient that kills rats and mice faster than anticoagulant baits.   Rampage Pelleted Bait's unique mode of action makes it a critical part of any bait rotation program, and should be used at least once a year to minimize any potential resistance issues to anticoagulant baits.

Rampage Bulk Pellets can be used indoors in areas inaccessible to children, and non-target animals, and can be utilized in rat burrows as well, including beyond 100 ft of buildings.  The compressed pelleted bait is durable enough to hold up in a variety of baiting situations and the hard pellets satisfy rodents' desire to gnaw. 

- Specifically formulated for use in production livestock facilities, especially swine & poultry operations

- Motomco's fastest acting rodenticide that will control even the largest rodent populations

- Rampage Pelleted Bait is excellent for burrow baiting, clean out, or any indoor baiting in areas inaccessible to children or non-target animals

- Bulk pellets are excellent for burrow baiting to control rats & baiting in hard to reach areas

- Use Rampage Pelleted Bait in a rotational program for at least 2 months

- Including a non-anticoagulant active at least once a year is critical to rotation to reduce any potential resistance issues in a population

- Available in 12 lb Pail of Bulk pellets

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