Salkil - Constant Gut Health

salkil chicken1 Salkil helps reduce the risk from bad bacteria, allowing a healthy gut microbiota to develop.

A healthy gut microbiota results in healthier animals, more able to achieve genetic potential.

Healthier animals = healthier profits

What Acids can do!

Many organic acids have been shown to have antimicrobial activity against different economically important bacteria.  In animal production it is the intestinal microbiota that are of paramount importance to animal health and performance.  The primary purpose of organic acid-based products is to reduce contamination of the feed which will help reduce the load of undesirable microorganisms in the gut from the feed.  By reducing the overall challenge from feed, the bird is more able to suppress potentially pathogenic species from water and other non-feed sources and thereby maintain a healthy microbiota in the intestine.

Protect & Optimize

• Salkil is a dual role product that protects feed and can help optimize the gut microflora.

Salkil can improve nutrient absorption, protect feed from contamination and support innate immunity, thereby minimising the need for prophylactic antibiotics and Antibiotic Growth Promoters

Salkil is absorbed onto porous (sponge-like) mineral carriers that enable slower release, meaning controlled in-feed efficacy through to ingestion.

Salkil has a unique carrier that provides the ideal microenvironment for the acid loving commensal microflora in the gut helping them to dominate the intestine.

Salkil is safe to use with probiotic or competitive exclusion products.

Benefits in the feed

Contaminated feed and water supplies are a source of Salmonella infection on the farm.  Salkil can reduce contamination in feed and prevent recontamination of feed by pathogens during cooling, transportation and storage.

Reducing contamination in animal feed can result in bigger/heavier or more productive birds.

A healthy gut microbiota will help the bird to achieve absorption of nutrients resulting in healthier growth.  An improved FCR helps maximize weight gain and health benefits to boot overall productivity in breeders, layers & broilers.

Improved nutrient absorption can result in improvements in fertility, resulting in more chicks.

By supporting a healthy appetite and nutrient absorption, the reproductive health of breeder hens can be improved throughout the entire production period.

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