Vac Pac Plus 4 oz pack

Vac-Pac Plus® is a concentrated dry powder stabilizer with added color crystals. It stabilizes vaccines administered via drinking water and includes a dark blue dye. Vac-Pac Plus® works faster and is safer for vaccines than effervescent tablets or milk products.It does not contain any products of animal origin. One package stabilizes approximately 970 liters (256 U.S. Gallons).

  • More concentrated formula means added convenience and less handling
  • Faster wetting and improved solubility results in less time spent mixing vaccine
  • Activates immediately to rescue vaccine from the harmful effects of tap water, no waiting required
  • Blue dye provides visual assurance that the stabilizer has been added and identifies treated birds
  • Specially engineered to preserve the livability of mixed vaccine and sustain effectiveness over longer vaccination times
  • Will not clog drinkers.

75 packs/pail



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