Virocid 55 Gallon
Additional Information
Additional Information

Cid Lines:

  • Virocid™ is a powerful disinfectant formulated with the synergistic blend of a single chain quaternary ammmonia, a twin chain quaternary ammonia and glutataldehyde.
  • Virocid™ advance formulation also contains isopropanol, pineoil, and buffering agents.
  • Virocid™ is labeled for disinfection of animal and poultry facilities, hatcheries, food processing plants, transportaton vehicles and veterinary clinics.
  • Sanitizing hatchery rooms, poultry and animal facilities by fogging and for the control of algae and bacteria in recirculating cooling water systems and evaporative condensers
  • EPA#71355-1

4 jugs/case


Virocid™ disinfectant can be applied with the BVS Handy Foamer

Check out the Virocid™ website for more information:

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