Continuous development and improvements in all product lines are fundamental to maintaining the consistency of quality products and services. BVS is committed to trial and research before we will stand behind a product in the market. This includes research from manufacturers, university extensions and research BVS provides in house.

BVS stays in tune with different applications for products as well as research into new formulations to consistently make our products and their applications more effective for the end user. Research also provides us with further insight in how we can improve on quality and safety management of our processes. 

We conduct trials with our customers and time and again, strive to find the optimal ways to treat or administer animal health products. We have teamed up with our partners to push new products to market, in which we can fully stand behind and support through research and development. We have introduced new ways of thinking backed by years of experience and evidence that supports it. You can be sure that we, at BVS, are continuously looking for new products, fresh ideas and contemporary techniques to support our customers and push the industry forward.