Water Line Cleaners and the Regulation and Labeling Behind Them

It has been stated in presentations and articles over the last couple of years from some companies that ALL products used to clean water lines without animal’s present must be EPA registered. It has also been stated that if you use a product that is not EPA registered to clean lines without animal’s present that you are violating federal law and could be fined and even incur jail time if found guilty for these ‘crimes’.

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Probiotics: Feed or Water

Most probiotic strains used in the poultry industry belong to one of two groups: spore-forming Bacillus species, or lactic acid bacteria (LAB). LAB, which comprise a variety of genera including Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and Lactococcus, are characterized by their ability to thrive in acidic environments, such as the poultry gastrointestinal track, making them suitable candidates for use as probiotics.

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The Curmudgeon's Corner - Alice's Restaurant Revised

In October of 1967, a talented artist by the name of Arlo Guthrie released a ballad entitled “Alice’s Restaurant”. The song was a protest against the unjust war in Vietnam and the enforced drafting of our young men to fight and die in Vietnam. I would never pretend to be as talented a song writer as Arlo Guthrie, but I am as passionate about my cause

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An Evaluation of Differences in Cloacal Microbiome in Turkeys

Probiotics and natural products containing saponin appear to influence intestinal health by mechanisms other than interference with cycling of Eimeria spp. This study was conducted to investigate the differences in the cloacal microbiome in birds administered either a saponin-containing product (Biosupreme®), a probiotic containing both Lactobacillus and Bacillus spp. (GutPro ®), or a combination of the two.

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Best Veterinary Solutions Manufacturing Facility

Over a year ago, Best Veterinary Solutions began construction of a 26,000-square foot production facility and warehouse in Ellsworth, IA. As BVS positions itself to meet customer needs, now and in the future, it became clear an additional production facility would be of great value. The Ellsworth plant is designed to blend and package all kinds of dry mixes. This complements the liquid blending and packaging facility in Willmar, MN.

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Paying Attention to Detail Evaluating program changes in live production

In the last edition of BVS Poultry Talk, I looked at Paying Attention to Detail from the perspective of silver bullets and how new products are coming out of the woodwork in the wake of ABF and organic production, as well as the loss of useful antibiotics in conventional production. With the wave of new products entering the market, it is important that we use products that have guaranteed analysis attached to them and they go through a sound vetting process. Once we find these products, how do we evaluate their efficacy.

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