BVS works with our customers to set up various components in their hatcheries. When we do an equipment install, we train our customers in the optimal use of our products to ensure optimal levels of hatchery sanitation and vaccination.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Applications

When BVS sets up a hatchery, we supply and set up the necessary equipment to meter our CID LINES cleaning products. We provide a safety and usage poster to place above each chemical to easily identify which product/s are being used.

BVS has teamed up with an industry leader in foaming and fogging equipment. We supply and install this equipment to ensure optimal levels of biosecurity in the hatchery. Our CID LINES product line is also used for these applications. 

Spray Cabinets & Gel Applicators

We hand craft and install an equipment line of spray cabinets and gel applicators for hatchery use. These gel applicators can administer our Gut Product line such as Gut Start-T for turkeys.

After everything has been installed, our service techs calibrate the equipment to make sure everything is working optimally. BVS service techs are available as needed to troubleshoot any issues that may arise to make sure your equipment and our chemicals are being used to their capacity, giving you the best possible result.