Proper vaccination is one of the first steps in disease prevention and control. From the hatchery to the field, BVS offers poultry vaccines from the industry's top manufacturers. As we distribute vaccines across the country, BVS provides knowledge and experience to our customers to ensure proper administration of the vaccine.

Hatchery Vaccine

BVS warehouses maintain inventory of hatchery virus vaccine stored in liquid nitrogen. Our warehouse and delivery personnel are trained professionals in liquid nitrogen storage and handling. We deliver these vaccines to hatcheries across the country and work with our customers to get their next round when they need it.

Live Virus

All BVS warehouses are equipped with industrial walk-in coolers specifically for the storage of live virus vaccine. Our coolers are monitored 24/7 with sensors and data loggers to prevent the storage temperature from going out of range. When we pack our vaccine for shipment or delivery, we follow a step by step process to ensure the efficacy of the vaccine is maintained until delivery.

Vaccination Schedules

Our tech support and sales force have the knowledge to properly use the technology behind our vaccines. We've assisted hundreds of our customers in building a vaccination program to facilitate disease prevention and control. Since we distribute vaccine for several of the nation's largest vaccine manufacturers, we have the ability to help our customers get the vaccine that they need, when the market is in short supply. 

Liquid Nitrogen Service

We not only supply and deliver vaccines, but we also assist our customers with the proper storage of their vaccine by providing liquid nitrogen service for many of our customers.

Creating a good vaccination program can be a very complex exercise, and many in the industry simply to not have the knowledge or expertise that a sophisticated vaccination program requires. BVS brings that knowledge and expertise to our customers, to assist them in all matters of vaccine.