After years of trials and research, BVS has become an industry leader in water sanitation. We have first hand experience in witnessing what a sophisticated water program can do. It takes time, patience and guidance to get an exceptional water program that breeds positive results. BVS has mastered the science behind it and we continuously support our customers so they may achieve the benefits of what a good water program can do for both your birds and your bottom line.

Utilizing a proper cleaning protocol between flocks and a proper continuous sanitation/disinfectant program with birds present is key to any successful program.

Water systems are perfect for breeding bacteria because they are wet, warm, and stagnant. Growers continuously put pressure on their water system and water quality by running supportive care, vaccinations and soluble antibiotic products through their water system. If your water has contaminants like iron and maganese, those can also cause issues to water quality and bird health. BVS has found ways to remove these contaminants and utilize chemistries properly to address these issues.

The key to any successful water program is using the chemistries properly and creating a program that is monitored, tested and, most important continuous! This will allow your birds to thrive and not just survive.