Terms and Conditions

Please see our Privacy Statement for further information regarding the confidentiality of personal information.

1. Online payments must be made by valid credit card before the shipment of any ordered product unless otherwise approved. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. If any card is declined, the order will not be processed further until a valid credit card is received.

2. Customers are responsible for payment of the shipping and handling costs.

3. Freeze dried vaccines must be packaged in a cooler with ice, typically resulting in a minimum of $15 freight charge for these vaccines.

4. During the warmer months, it may be necessary to ship freeze dried vaccines higher priority to preserve its viability. The customer will be responsible for the added cost.

5. Any vaccine that requires diluent will be shipped with that diluent, therefore shipping cost may vary significantly with these vaccines.

6. Vaccines can only be shipped Monday-Wednesday, unless transit time from our warehouse to final destination is within one day. No vaccines will be shipped on Friday.

7. Hazardous material may still be shipped but will add significantly to the products freight cost.

8. Products with “Consumer Commodity” are hazardous materials, but providing the size of the container does not accrue the additional HAZ MAT shipping cost.

9. Any online order submitted after 12:00pm will not be further processed until the next day.

10. FedEx, Speedee, and UPS are our common carriers for shipping orders. Different methods may be used depending on the cost, time in transit, and the distribution center shipping the product/s.

11. Shipping and handling charges may be less than but not greater than the estimated amount.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Although Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc. strives to advise the customer of fluctuation in prices, the prices in effect at the time of orders will apply.

Return Policy

1. Merchandise must have been purchased originally from Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc. by the customer returning the product.

2. All goods returned must be with prior approval from a designated employee of Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc. Any product returned without prior approval becomes the property of Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc. with no credit issued.

3. Products may be returned only within 30 days after the order was placed and with prior approval (2).

4. Only unopened selling units in original conditions that have an expiration date prior to 3 months can be returned.

5. The return of products can be subject to the manufacturer's return policy.

6. All vaccines are non returnable according to the USDA requirements.

7. Discontinued products are non returnable.

8. If freight is used to return product the charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

9. Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc. may, at its option, issue a credit for product returned under the conditions stated above, On products accepted for return, credit will be issued at the purchase price less 25% handling charge. All credits issued may only be used for future purchases of products and will not be settled in cash.

Damage or Loss in Shipment

Best Veterinary Solutions, Inc. will issue approved credit for the invoice price of any product that is damaged in transit from us to you, if all visible damage and all apparent shortages are noted on the carrier's delivery documents and if you notify us within 24 hours after receipt of the shipment and you will assist us in connection with our claim against the carrier. After receiving an invoice and it is noted that there is a shortage of product that was shipped or that the product has not been delivered, notification must be made immediately.